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Web Monetization is creating a healthier internet and personal income.

The internet is broken. We believe that a healthy internet needs openness and opportunity, and that it cannot be built on the backs of individuals' security and privacy. As part of a grant we received from Grant for the Web  we are doing our part to help change this. Grant for the Web's mission is to spark a healthier internet built on open standards, giving people more independence and control over how they distribute and monetize content, and generating better business models for the web. They are doing through an open technology called Web Monetization and we want to teach you all about it. 

We envision a world where it's possible for creators and artists to get paid for their work with out relying on invasive ads, paywalls and the abuse of personal data. Web Monetization can make this possible. We've built a school to help anyone get started using it in their online world. It's time to begin to fix the broken business model of the web and create some personal income along the way.

Watch the introduction video below to a quick overview of Web Monetization!

web monetization school

Four short courses on how to quickly start using Web Monetization.

Do you have about forty-five minutes? Whether you're an artists, creator fan or follower you can learn how to use Web Monetization. Our four courses focus teaching you the fundamentals of this new technology. Our goal is to simply explain how you can make Web Monetization part of your online world. Once complete, you'll be able to start generating income from the world you creator, support those doing the creating or both!

Click the "Start Here" button below to attend Web Monetization School and graduate in about forty-five minutes. 

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